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Frequently Asked Questions

About transforms your digital marketing. It crafts content 10x faster and skyrockets conversions with unparalleled precision. 

Say goodbye to expensive monthly subscriptions and hello to a one-time payment that secures your access for life.

Save time and money with's smart automation and lightning-fast processes.

Build a brand website and marketing funnels in minutes, not hours or days.

Use's chatbot feature to engage with your audience and turn leads into customers.

Create compelling copy and content with ease, using the platform's advanced AI technology.

Receive exclusive access to new features and updates, as well as dedicated customer support.

Stay ahead of the competition with cutting-edge AI tools and features that keep you on the cutting edge.

Join a community of like-minded entrepreneurs and digital marketers who are changing the game with FAQ's

What is and what does it do? is an AI-powered SaaS platform designed to automate marketing, copywriting, and website design tasks. It helps businesses save time and increase their conversion rates through advanced AI algorithms and machine learning technology.

Who is for? is for marketers, bloggers, content creators, and agencies who want to streamline their marketing and sales processes.

How does differ from other marketing platforms? is unique in that it will offer an AI-powered chatbot like ChatGPT to assist with marketing and copywriting tasks, in addition to automating the website design process. It also will include a feature that allows users to "upload the conscious of their business" to streamline the marketing process even further.

Will using AI generated content on my website damage my search ratings?

No- Read here what Google Developers Blog have said. 

About the White Label Program

Paying for ChatGPT, Jasper, Mdjourney, and all the others could cost you over $6,000 annually. is currently offering a monthly payment and then wholesale for all your AI needs for life. You can’t beat that! Paid members of also get $100 free AI credits. 

When would we be able to start using the new AI platform?

We expect to complete all functions by the first quarter of 2024. At that time, we will also open to the public at retail prices. 

Will the White Label program include training on how to use it?

Yes, and the training starts immediately with approximately 30 hours of Groove-A-Thon specifically on AI, a weekly newsletter, a private Facebook community (backers only) and training on how to use what’s available in AI today. Training and documentation on the software will be released at the time of the software release and incorporated into the user interface.

Is White Label a one-time purchase or a subscription-based service? is currently offering a White Label for Agency owners at $497/mo. Retail plans will be $99, $199 and $299 per month after the public launch. These are the prices you must offer your services at. If you already offer your clients services in excess of $99, $199 or $299 per month ( Or annual equivalents) you may offer your White Label as a complementary add on.

The pricing for varies depending on the subscription plan you choose. However, it is currently offering lifetime access for two payments of $497 or one payment of $897.

Can we promote this White Label program as an affiliate

Yes, we’re currently running an affiliate offer that pays 35% ($125) monthly recurring on all White Label Sales to registered affiliates.

Can I use to build my brand website?

Yes! can help you build a complete brand website, including the design, copywriting, and content creation. You can also export the HTML to popular page builders for further customization

Does have its own chatbot?

Yes, will have a built-in chatbot that utilizes AI algorithms to assist with marketing and copywriting tasks.

How does the "Uploading the conscious of your business" feature work?

The "Uploading the conscious of your business" feature will be a unique intake questionnaire that allows you to provide information about your business, products, and services.'s AI algorithms will then use this information to assist with marketing and copywriting tasks.

Is there a limit to the number of projects I can work on with

No, there is no limit to the number of projects you can work on with You can use it as often as you need to streamline your marketing and sales processes.

About Additional Costs

With we don’t charge you for AI. Instead, you connect your free-to-get API’s with companies like Google, OpenAI, StabilityAI, and more.

This means you don’t pay monthly for AI you're not using. And since you're paying directly to the source and not us, you’re saving 3x to 6x the retail markup from companies like And if you don’t want to use your own API, you can buy tokens direct from us at huge discount rates compared to the other guys.

And with, you only pay for what you use. The other guys charge you for monthly tokens even if you don’t use them, and they don’t offer rollover credits. can save you thousands per year compared to the other leading AI companies.

Will there be an additional cost for team members?

White Label owners will get unlimited team members and unlimited shared workspaces. Users are restricted based on the account level. The $299/mo package gives unlimited team members (within reasonable limits).

Do I need to get accounts from all of the AI providers?

No. You can choose to connect your own APIs from the providers to get their wholesale rates, or you can use our credits which will be priced competitively (See the mindmap for planned pricing).

What else will I need to pay with my subscription to

If you're a lifetime member, your free credits will likely be all you need for written content the rest of your life. users have two options when it comes to the use costs for AI services. Either you can connect to each service's API to get wholesale pricing and pay for what you use only, versus having to pay their monthly subscription. However if you have sporadic needs for image or video, you will have the option to use's credits, at a reasonable markup.

For Current and GrooveCopyPro Members

Build your brand's online presence in minutes with's intuitive drag-and-drop website. It will build all the pages, copy, images, and title tags, and optimize them for S.E.O. …then, you can even export the pages to GroovePages and Webflow. Say goodbye to the need for a web development, design experience, or copywriter!

Do I need to be a member of to use

Not at all. The software is a completely separate program (but will integrate with

I have multiple lifetime accounts. Will my account work on all of them?

Yes, you’ll be able to use the service on all of your lifetime accounts.

How will this new project impact the development of the platform?

This project is being created by a separate team of developers, so it won’t impact the development in any way. And if this backer projects exceeds our goal amount, that revenue will be used to hire additional developers to further the development of

What does this mean for GrooveCopyPro users?

GrooveCopyPro login will continue. We spoke with Jon Benson. He is rebranding to BNSN for AI and also doing things with Jasper.

Marketing for GrooveCopyPro will stop but the service is a white label of and will continue to run and be run by Jon Benson.

Jon and Mike are very good friends and go for beach days, bbqs, and weekends events frequently. Jon is even one of the guest speakers at the Groove CollectiveMastermind next month.